Acetic Acid In Vinegar: A Few Household Applications To Live By

Published: 13th May 2009
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Acetic acid is one of the most important industrial acids. It is found in textile and garment industry. Paints and solvents require the application of acetic acid, as well. Manufacturing of paper, adhesives and inks demands the presence of acetic acid. It is one of the most commonly occurring organic acids in nature. It is a simple carboxylic acid and is classified as a weak acid. In biochemical processes, it is an essential compound.

This organic compound is commonly found in dilute concentrations at home. We are talking about vinegar, which contains about five percent (5%) acetic acid by mass. The household purposes of this organic acid is not only restricted to cooking.

1. White distilled vinegar mixed with warm water cleans window panes that have been blurry due to streaks and stubborn dirt. It is also used to cleanse walls to remove sticking dirt without changing the color of the paint. If you have wood furniture at home which has round stains from wet cups or glasses then such marks can be wiped off by a mixture of olive oil and vinegar.

2. In the kitchen, this acid is more than a food additive or preservative, having uses more than enhancing the taste of your dishes. Mineral deposits and dirt clinging on surfaces of utensils can be removed by washing them using vinegar. The acid dissolves calcium and carbonate deposits on the surfaces of pitchers and utensils made of copper, brass, or pewter. It cleans refrigerators and microwaves and is a deodorizing agent. So if your fridge stinks, place a glass of vinegar inside. It disinfects cutting boards, which could harbor millions of pathogenic microorganisms due to frequent use.

3. In the bathroom, bathtub film causing discoloration can be wiped off with vinegar and soda. Soap residue in walls and doors can be removed by this acetic acid containing household liquid. The acid also eliminates stains and odor on the toilet bowl.

4. In gardens, the herbicidal properties of the organic acid can be put into use. Vinegar kills grass and weeds growing unwantedly at certain spots. On the other hand, you can water acid-loving plants like rhododendrons, gardenias and azaleas with a solution containing small amounts of the acid. This is helpful if the soil in your area is particularly alkaline, as the substance will increase the acidity of the soil. Another thing is that it frees iron ions in the soil. The iron can be readily taken up by plants. Florists can lengthen the life of their flower arrangements by adding small amounts of vinegar and sugar in the water.

5. For pets, the household acid rids your pets of fleas and ticks. It also removes the strong and disagreeable odor of your dog.

6. Laundering takes a lot of benefits from vinegar. Wine stains on cotton fabrics can be removed by wiping the spot with a sponge dipped in vinegar. Rinsing clothes becomes easier when the last rinse water contains small amounts of vinegar. The acid removes alkalis and soap residues on the fabrics. Vinegar acts like a fabric softener and conditioner such that it softens blankets eliminating stubborn soap residues.

7. Health applications of vinegar include relieving jelly fish stings, soothing the skin irritation and itchiness. It also relieves sunburn. People who have dry, itchy skin can try the advantage of mixing their bathing water with small amounts of distilled vinegar, about 2 tablespoons. Gargling water mixed with vinegar relieves sore throat. Shampooing with it rids you of dandruff. Freezing cold vinegar can be applied as a first aid for skin burns to avoid blisters. Moreover, vapors of this acid act like decongestant, relieving congestion in the respiratory passages. It also relieves arthritis, cures toenail fungal infection, removes warts, and soothes any itching.

The presence of dilute amounts of acetic acid in vinegar gives it a sour smell and taste and tongue tingling sensation. However, this acid also gives vinegar its characteristic properties as a cleaning, cleansing, germ-fighting and deodorizing agent. More than an industrial acid, it is a household acid too.

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