Being Aware Of The Different Uses And Dangers Of Sodium Hydroxide Through Moms

Published: 13th August 2010
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Growing up, I often heard my mother and all the other mothers I chanced upon meeting talk about sodium hydroxide. This metallic base could be considered as every mom's handy companion at home. Of course, they did not refer to it using this term. Even so, they know through handed down information how useful sodium hydroxide can be.

It is known to be a major component in the manufacturing of some of the important household products that moms need to accomplish their daily tasks. Among other things, sodium hydroxide is used in the production of detergents and soaps. Imagine your mom not being able to use these stuffs when cleaning the house, doing the laundry and washing the dishes. It would be such a disaster. Also, the substance is used to make drain cleaner. What would mothers do with clogs if these drain cleaners are non-existent? Just imagine the trouble that they have to go through just to get rid of the clog and not to mention the money they have to pay just to have the plumbing fixed.

Aside from these household uses, sodium hydroxide is also used in the production of other things. It is used in the textile industry, paper and pulp production and even in the process of making drinking water. There are other uses for sodium hydroxide apart from what has already been mentioned. It is actually used in oil drilling, fuel production, aluminum etching, tissue digestion and some food preparation processes. Without NAOH, all of these would be quite impossible to accomplish. This goes to show how important this substance is in our society today, not just for mothers but for everybody as well.

Equal to the knowledge of the uses of this substance is the precaution that mothers have when dealing with it. Useful as it may seem, NAOH is also known to be very hazardous when dealt inappropriately. It is known to cause damage to the skin and blindness to the eyes when used by careless hands. That is why mothers place protection on top of their priority list when using sodium hydroxide. Above all, they always keep it a point that their children never come close to the substance. It might be useful but it does not mean it should just be left lying around the house unattended.

In fact, the same kind of precaution should be taken by sodium hydroxide manufacturer. The kind of vigilance that moms have to protect their families from being harmed by this chemical should serve as an inspiration for businesses that are producing NAOH. They should make it a point that their companies and workers follow safety procedures from the moment they handle the chemical up to the time the chemical is kept in proper storage as it is known to be highly corrosive.

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