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Published: 20th April 2010
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There are a lot of important chemicals in the market and one is hydrochloric acid. It is used mainly as a cleaning liquid at home but has a wide range of uses in the industrial scene. One of the noted uses of the compound is oil well acidization. Deep underground well reserves are mined with the use of the acid which softens rock layers underneath to make drilling easier. It is also used in the food industry in the manufacture of corn syrups, artificial sweeteners, and lysine. Many pharmaceutical products contain HCl which is also an important acid during digestion process of humans and many other animals.

Hydrogen chloride is its gaseous pure form that is only useful once dissolved in water. Commercially, it is available in plastic bottles and is called muriatic acid, which is often used to clean toilet bows and tiles. The unadulterated form of the acid is colorless. If you are wondering why the sold HCl in stores has a yellowish or brownish tinge then that is due to the iron impurities in the solution.

Industrially, the acid is known for its wide range of uses from processing of metal ores to treatment of swimming pools. It is also an important aspect in water deionization process, though indirectly. It is only utilized to recharge ion exchange resin bed to restore the efficiency of the resin beds.

Many chemical providers manufacture this substance and distribute it to many companies. It is important that you trust only the right chemical company which is not only after selling chemical products but is also concerned with the appropriate packaging and labeling.

Since the acid is a hazardous compound, it is proper that workers and buyers coming in contact with the HCl-containing product to be well informed about its characteristics and the precautions that come along with handling and storage.

Reputable manufacturers understand the safety of their buyers. You can search online for dependable chemical companies that sell different chemicals.

The acid is not only available at chemical companies but also at cleaning supplies companies. Again, you can search for them online so you won't have to check the yellow pages or drive around the locale to look for a store that sells HCl chemical.

These companies generally would not ask you what the purchase is for or what purpose you're buying the chemical for. It is therefore suggested that you inform the attending personnel about the application as they may be able to give you the right product you just need. A particular purpose may require a specific grade or concentration of the acid.

Also please read further information about this chemical and its hazards. Get to know the precautions and first-aid measures just in case. Visit sites that do not only tell you how to buy hydrochloric acid but also tell you how to use it safely.

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