Old Fashioned Radiators and the Classic Ambiance They Show

Published: 01st December 2008
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In heating up our homes, there are a lot of heating systems to choose from. We could opt for sleek, modern and high-tech designs, or we may as well go for the classic, old-world designs that will truly revive the nostalgia for the olden days. While old-school radiators are mostly white panel designs, the new classes of traditionally-designed patterns are more refined, and are crafted to be extra stylish and aesthetically appealing. The traditional radiators offered today come in varied shapes, colors, materials, and offer unique features as well, but still manages to retain its old-world charm.

For those have rooms with classic, Victorian or period furnitures, placing a traditional radiator as well will truly complement that room. These types of heating equipments can be fashioned out of cast iron, which have been the favorite materials for previous radiator designs. Also called "hospital radiators", these classic, cast-iron designs will effectively exude a more subtle yet charismatic look to your traditional, period designed room or bathroom. According to home heating connoisseurs, period radiators are best used by someone who lives in an old house with old furniture in place, or whenever someone simply wishes to bring a certain period's look to their modern home.

There are different traditional radiators sold in appliance and home improvement shops today. The choices vary, depending on whether you opt for a column, tube or panel, horizontal or vertical design. The gamut of choices also extends to contemporary classic column designs which come with tubular steel, and classic cast iron column radiators that exude a more authentic Victorian-era feel. Based on traditional radiator design experts, the classic steel column radiators come in sizes ranging from those who have welded feet, curved or bespoke angles, horizontal, vertical and bench radiators that come with a solid oak seat.

There are also classic radiators made from aluminum, which are considered to be much lighter than the usual steel radiators, making them easier to handle, transport as well as install. Old-world radiators possess positive aspects such as generating higher heat outputs and possessing low-water content, which allow for faster heating times and lower monthly electricity bills as well. Classic electric radiators are also seen as a more flexible and versatile option, delivering significant heat output, and can be wall-mounted as well. There also are low-level classic radiators, which are unobtrusive and made of equally powerful materials as well. Tubular radiators offer a more unique look, with each of its tubes working together to bring more warmth to your room.

Among the most popular traditional designs are cast-iron radiators. This traditional radiator is warmed by a heat source, and after adequate heating will generate and radiate the required amount of heat into an entire room. Throughout history, many people have opted to use radiators made from cast iron because of its charismatic and traditional look. However aside from exuding the classic appeal, it offers a lot of benefits. These types of classic radiators are very well-known for attaining a lasting heat effect. This ensures that the heat generated by a cast iron radiator will linger on for longer periods of time, even after the radiator has been switched off. These types are also famous for their excellent heat output. Because these designs carry more mass, it makes their heat output comparatively higher than other materials. In addition, the mass of a cast iron radiator is also known to make it more efficient than those made from stainless steel. These design variants also come in a wide array of sizes as well. Buyers can install and position these even in the smallest or most secluded nooks and crannies of their room, and allow them to look attractive and evoke that classic touch.

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